Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Solstice \ December Gifts

Alan:  Sometimes, in the season of shortest days, the weather can seem animate, refractory, even predatory.
The year backs up:
dog refuses
collar horse
resists halter –
welter of contrary
winds, weird
Geese explode
from the bay:
water kicks
like bullets.
In the alders,
a white rock
jumps: hare,
exposed by snow-melt,
caught naked.
Earth’s axis
The wind
makes a sound
like a beast
in a cave
moving closer,
Nancy: Long dark nights and gray days – we want the early dawns and long twilights of summer.
December Gifts
The tide in the high marsh,
the low sun, slow to stand over the ridge,
the sea smoke .  .  .
I went out wanting the year to turn,
and turned myself instead, turned back
to today, glad to have received
water, light, frost blooming on dry stems.

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