Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Finding Equilibrium \ Deficient Moon

Nancy: There are days when I would – if I could – spread my wings and float, ride the variable winds on fixed wings.

Finding Equilibrium

the crow
the highest, most slender

every morning
– from this lectern –
gives a teaching

folds his black robes
leaves me in thought

let it be my practice
to seek

to choose
         as crow

to find equilibrium

Alan: I’ll watch the moon tonight waxing from crescent; soon enough it will reach full and decline.  Crazy to try to hold it, like trying to hold time itself.

Deficient Moon

to see the moon half-vanished –
where did the days go? –

one thin cloud
in an otherwise empty sky
pulling away from it’s whiteness

cotton from a boll
seeds from milkweed
in the wind

Just like the moon
to wander away when it’s most

Just like us
to want it –
to always want it whole.

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