Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Storm Warning \ Climbing March Hill #2

Nancy:  The color of the sky, the flight of birds, air smelling of salt or spruce or mudflats:  quirky weather guides for quirky coastal weather.
Storm Warning
And in the falling snow
in the blowing snow
the crows rose up
for no reason
for good reason
the crows shook the trees
shook the snow
shook the branches
white green black branches
and the warning was
not the snow falling
not the wind turning
the warning was there
in the rising
the going
the empty tree 
Alan: Moving through the seasons is like riding the waves: whatever forward motion we seem to make, it is they that roll away under us and pass into the haze behind.
Climbing March Hill #2
Every year we move
without moving: nomads
in this one place.
And soon again we will be
climbing March Hill,
up the muddy slope of days
watching the sun lift
and settle
a little farther north,
believing that once more
over the frozen crest
will be some sort of water,
some sort of green.

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