Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Three Water-Element Poems \ Fog

Alan:  After weeks of cold clarity, a midwinter thaw, when everything softens, shape-shifts, tries on strange clothes.

Three Water-Element Poems


Mists of ablating snow.
Eagle flaps low
above the road,
chooses a snag,
becomes Raven.

Mists muddle vision.
Objects stretch,
Look again: Raven
turns Crow.


Once, hiking The Lakes,
we rose to valleys
sodden under tight slate lids;
climbed through downpours
into cloud so dense
it was like blind
burrowing in
dark, soft stone;
then! broke abruptly
free, as if newly, partly
formed (still un-
born from the
waist down)
to cheerful island-
peaks swimming
in endless white
under simple, perfect

If that day
we were True Awakening’s
analog, still
we descended
exhausted into
saturating gloom,
went separately,
never met again,
would not know each other
now if we


Buddha taught: “World
is a conjuration
and a dream,
made so by our ignorance,

Also: “Nothing exists alone.”
Viz.: Crow is a phantasm
of Mist; Mist the same
of Crow, of Snow.
Also: “All ways of saying
are amiss.”

Nancy: There's our landscape, familiar, and our world in the fog, unfamiliar.  Watching my world dissolve and re-form makes me understand how easy it must have been for fishermen to become lost in their home waters.


amplifies and conceals
denies and resembles
becomes the waterfall
and the mountain
            from which it falls
fog indiscriminate
envelopes rose/fishing boat/

here or there
it doesn’t matter
here or there
so different so same

When the fog lifts
I think, how strange
I dreamt I was a fish
I dreamt the world was
upside down, that it
smelled of roses, and old stones
or so I dreamt.

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