Wednesday, June 26, 2013

My Poems Are Like Whispers \ Out Of The Silence Stone Men Call Me Home

Alan: How can poetry flourish today?  It can shout along with the rest.  Or it can ask us to become that rare thing quiet, attentive, open.

My Poems Are Like Whispers

My poems are like whispers
from the dying
or like a lover’s murmurs.
Do not talk loudly
if you wish to hear them.
Do not talk.
They are like a colloquy
of hidden selves;
they speak so softly
from the shadows, right
and left.
Be silent, O my soul;
incline your head gently
that your ear may fill
with the sound of the sea;
bend closer, my inheritors,
bend closer.

Nancy: The Stone Man, once standing in full view on ledge, is now hidden by spruces.  Words, however, still say “someone passed this way.”

Out Of The Silence Stone Men Call Me Home

Out Of The Silence

Before the City, there was a great
wide silence,
and day after day
no other men.  No one
to hail.  No open palm in greeting,
no signing of game.
If men passed
they left less sign than animals,
no scars
such as left by ice.  Wind
made a greater imprint
than the hunter alone
on the wide land.
No shadow
remained when the sun had gone,
when he had passed
into the silence.

Stone Men

The stone men come from those
long ago times
before the grandfathers were wise,
and there are no songs
holding the story.
No one
saw them born.
Yet the stone men cross the land,
breaking the silence
with their presence.  After
the hunter has gone,
the stone men cast a shadow over the land.
No longer
are we alone;
someone has passed this way.

Call Me Home

A stone man stands to the east,
speaking for the need of men to say:
I was here.
Day after day, his is the only break
in the silence.  No men
raise their hands in greeting.

This is the home I have chosen;
I have come here to give birth to words,
to poems.  They are like the stone men
across the beautiful wide land.
When my shadow has passed over
the bruised grass into silence, they
will call out: know this:
someone has passed this way.

“Out Of The Silence Stone Men Call Me Home” first appeared in East Of The Light (Stone Man Press & Slow Dancer Press, 1984).

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