Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Bewildered Orion \ Into The Deep

Nancy:  Walking in to the house on a dark night with no form ... and there, half-seen above, old Orion, equally lost.

Bewildered Orion

Where have your dogs gone, Hunter?
One step wrong, and one, and one,
and the dogs gone, and the familiar
landmarks  .  .  .  Orion, this is wilderness –
a light? – no, wait – no – fog –
in all corners of the night, fog.
This is not a night to be hunting
or wandering; Orion, how came you here
in the fog, alone?

Alan: Nagas, serpent- or dragon-deities in Buddhist mythology, inhabit the depths of the ocean, and of the mind.

Into The Deep

Somewhere below, the Nagas
are stirring.

I have been told by others
that they are armored in jewels,
in crystal.  I have not seen them.

They dwell in the 
deepest waters, far
beyond where the last light
reaches from above.

I am told they guard treasures,
yet may on occasion welcome us.

Therefore I dive,
being but one diver
in the ocean shared by all.

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