Thursday, May 8, 2014

An Assemblage Of Crows \ Ryokan's Visit

Nancy: Before the yellow goldfinch, the raspberry-pink purple finch, the robin redbreast, there are the crows.  Constant neighbors, they share their lives with us.

An Assemblage Of Crows

A gathering, a coming together
     before dawn
     black sky
     black trees
     black birds
to the spruce, to the fir
     to the hackmatack
     crows on black steeples
     waiting, silent
     monks filing in
     for what they alone can hear
     the sound of a struck gong
     the sound of black transforming
     the whisper of light on trees

Sun rising, golden sky, golden trees

     black birds
     leaping in salutation
     black birds in the sky

Alan:  Preoccupied with our goal-driven lives, can we welcome those unexpected gifts – the friends who come in, sit down, and make themselves right to home?  Would we even allow it?

Ryokan’s Visit

If you came visiting
would I know how to entertain you?
I’m always so busy!
Here you are stumping up the driveway
and look at this place, awash
in newspapers and half-read books.
You’d want to spend all day
drinking and talking poetry;
I’d be sneaking glances at the clock
hoping you wouldn’t notice.
There’s just no time for guests!
So tell me, my friend,
when can you return?

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