Sunday, May 10, 2015

Red Flag Warnings \ Underway

Alan: Some years, winter lingers and lingers and then... we’ve slid right past mud season and on into something not quite spring, not quite summer, not quite right. 

Red Flag Warnings

Saying: don’t burn.
Saying: snow-pack
to drought.  Bone-cold
to hot.  Mud-soft
to dust.  So fast.

White throat calling
“Sam, Sam Peabody,
Old Sam Peabody.”
Old, yes.  Could be
the last day.  It could be.

Today I have heard
a vireo, seen a first
orange butterfly, smelled
balsam stirred by
a dry west wind.

Nancy: Off with the shrink wrap, down with the props, up with the hulls and away to the water!


May is underway and
daffodils are blooming and
boats are on the roads,
the multi-thousand dollar ones
with their winter shrink wrap
riffling and
the ones with their outboards
tilted up: those are the ones
hauled behind pickup trucks
like the one I saw this morning
a white truck
with one red door
with a blue-green panel
with (probably) a rebuilt engine
flying down the road
proud to be underway
to the waters
to the fisheries.
Yes, hurrah, it's May
and the daffodils are blooming
and the boats are underway.

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