Wednesday, December 12, 2012

What Is The Sound? \ If The Light Wrote A Poem

Alan: So much comes to us when we are still and simply listen.

What Is The Sound?
       for Nancy

What is the sound
of one poem sitting?
sitting quietly by itself
in a notebook?
in a computer?
in a folder?
in a safe?
in a mind?

What is the sound
of one poem? many poems?
a lifetime of poems?
a lifetime of sitting
quietly, sitting,
looking inward and
outward, asking,
seeing, asking,
and emerging,
poem by poem,
question by question,
answer by answer,
or no answer –

What is the sound
of one lifetime? many lifetimes?
a safe full of lifetimes
answered and unanswered,
held and unheld,
released and un-

What is the sound
of one poem, one lifetime,
released and rising,
floating away
into Time itself?
into the sound
of Time itself?

Nancy: Say it – make it happen.

If The Light Wrote A Poem

It might write rough branches
smooth buds, glossy bark

it might write ochre
charcoal, lavender, ice

or it might write an old woman
sitting on a stone
    looking beyond the horizon
    looking ahead of the light

and it might scratch out December
and write cerulean instead, celadon
green on the rough branches
blue stars
sky blue stars in the grass

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