Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Picture Of The Moose From The Air Surrounded By Wolves \ Jay's Moose

Alan: The moose-wolf interactions on Isle Royale in Lake Superior have been studied for over  50 years, but what sticks in my mind is a black-and-white photo taken in the 1960s, all stark shadows and a story reaching its climax.

The Picture Of The Moose From The Air Surrounded By Wolves

bears no resemblance to the cage
where zoo-wolves pad down on us
or lie like movie stills slabbed on the gravel
or display wolfish affection or disgruntlement
for the student ethologists or disappear
into their concrete wolf den for pack meetings.
Nor does it much resemble
Wilt Chamberlain’s 500-wolf-muzzle king-size bed cover
or the legends of wolves waylaying shepherd girls
or the whistles of dog-cock hardhats
from up in the air, the position of advantage.
Nor does it capture the fear of the moose
standing and bleeding numbly in the snow
turning this way and that, but always slower,
always too late,
or the movement of the wolves, which is ballet,
themselves the audience.
It says: deficient moose.
Efficient wolves.  Efficient camera.
Efficient camera man.

Nancy: So much is wrapped in the white butcher paper – for the giver and for the recipient.

Jay’s Moose

sooner or later
we must eat Jay’s moose
the tang of the stalk
antlers blocking the sun
taste the anticipation
moose grows taller
time slows
salt of sweat
jolt of sound
hot in the mouth
and the blood, hot
and here eat
the flavor of dew
can you taste dawn
smell steel
crushed branch of fir
here on your plate
Jay’s moose

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