Wednesday, December 3, 2014

As For Him So For Me \ Teishen Tries To Write About Cherry Blossoms

Nancy: That first step away from his hut, that last quick look back – a start on the path toward an unexpected gift.

As For Him So For Me

Late fruit so sweet
     old bones warm in the sun
Ryokan drowses

Years in a mountain hut
     giving what he had
poems, dharma stories

Now, wrapped in a warm shawl
     he sips tea
love, he ponders love

So late, this teaching
     she hands him an apple
so late, so sweet

Alan: Late in life, Ryokan fell in love with the beautiful nun Teishen, who was with him when he died.

Teishen Tries To Write About Cherry Blossoms

I found him
out in the rain
looking up
at still-bare branches.
How withered he seemed!
leaning on his gnarled stick –
an old crow in his last molt,
water dripping from his beak –
so shabby his cloak!
I wanted to help him in
to warmth, green tea
but didn’t know where
his mind was –
left him, saying nothing,
rain trickling down his cheeks,
or tears.

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